My Story


I would give any excuse possible to get out of gym class while in high school. I was overweight growing up and had no desire to do anything physically active. I continued to gain weight after getting married and then went up with each pregnancy. I would gain and lose, and was caught in a vicious cycle. At one point going from 228 to 128. I tried every new diet fad out there from the Cabbage Soup diet to the 3-week no chewing diet. They would work for a while, but the weight would come back plus more.

I thought a class might be fun, but soon realized that I couldn’t make it through an entire class. I lasted about 20 minutes and had to leave. But, I decided to keep coming back. I began to make friends and was able to stay the entire class time. I became stronger and had more endurance to be able to work the entire hour. This prompted me to try other classes.

At the age of forty, I walked into my first aerobic class. I agreed to go to the gym to help my son earn commission for bringing in a new member. He had just started working there and I agreed to sign up and planned to quit after he received his paycheck.

I learned diets don’t work, but lifestyle changes do. Drinking more water, stopping the fast food cycle and getting away from processed foods were some key changes for me that help me maintain a good weight for me.

I began to think about teaching Spinning since that was my favorite class. I took me certification for Spin and started to teach classes. This prompted me to continue to pursue additional certifications and became a personal trainer with a special focus on women and fitness nutrition.

I would never have dreamed that I would be a personal trainer and could share my story and knowledge. I have the privilege of working with remarkable clients making healthier lifestyle choices and changing their future.

I would love the opportunity to talk with you about your health goals and how I can support you.


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