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Diets and LifeStyle

Diets don’t work, and willpower is a limited resource. Knowing those things, can actually work to your advantage to lose weight. A diet has a start and an end date, which allows us to think we can go back to eating the way we did before the diet started.

Sometimes people do not eat enough, or they don’t eat enough ‘real’ food. What is real food? Food that is not processed. There is a difference between food approved for consumption and real food. So, take strawberry shake ingredients list from a popular restaurant. When we order a strawberry shake, we think of fresh berries and milk or ice cream. We don’t realize that the shake doesn’t have a single strawberry in it. This is considered food that is approved for consumption. The hard part of this is our body doesn’t recognize it as food, so the signal to your brain that you ate something won’t happen. Who has ever gotten full by eating candy? Same reason, your body doesn’t recognize it.

The most successful weight loss people realize that they need a lifestyle change, not a temporary diet. Changing your lifestyle does not have an end date, but does have many peaks, valleys and plateaus.

But, how do you change a lifestyle? This can be an exciting time to try new things to see what works for you. Everyone is so different and there is not a one size fits all meal plan and work-out plan. The good news is there are a lot of options out there and even more information. How do you know what is good for you? If it’s within your budget, I encourage you to work with a professional to develop a personalized program that works for you. You may know what doesn’t work for you, which is great info.

So, there are a lot of programs out there. The old saying of “If it sounds too good to be true, don’t do it. Why? Because it probably doesn’t work long term or may have processes that disrupt your normal body functions. So, stay away from anything that is designed to block carbs, put your body into a ketosis state, or removes an entire food group.

Many people tell me that they can’t lose weight because they do not have willpower. We have limited willpower resources, it runs out. Instead of willpower, we need to focus on making small steps and replacing unhealthy food choices with healthy ones.


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