Preparation is the key


Sometimes a milestone birthday prompts us to think about our health needs and goals. Sometimes, it can be from a major health scare. Whatever is prompting you to make changes, good for you. The one thing I do know is that no matter what age, we need to keep moving. If we don’t, you can begin to lose your cardio endurance, balance and flexibility.

You go into the doctor for a physical and he says to get exercise and lose weight, but how do you do that? We go home and google information on eating better and moving more, but it can be confusing, and you don’t know where to start.

I can help you to find that starting point. After your assessment, we will develop your personalized work-out plan and work on nutrition plan options.

Working together, we will develop your goals and a realistic plan. There are no magic plans or pills out there. It takes a while for us to gain weight and get out of shape, it will take time and work for you to get back into shape. I ask that you realize this and know it does take a commitment to be consistent to see results.


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