Live to your full potential at any age


What does active aging mean to you? We all have different ideas of what it means to be active. We see the stories of the 80-year-old marathon runner or weight lifter. On the other hand, we see the 60-year-old that struggles to make it up the stairs. You may be somewhere in-between. The one thing I do know is that no matter what age, we need to keep moving. If we don’t, you can begin to lose your cardio endurance, balance and flexibility.

The important thing is to start at your current fitness level and to work up from there. As we age, we must be more aware of our knees, shoulders, and lower back. We will start with an assessment to determine your current fitness level. Based on your assessment, I will develop a work-out plan to meet your physical needs.

Whether your goals are to get ready for a spring vacation, be able to keep up with family activities, lose weight or just feel better, I can help you to meet those goals.

So, what does fitness mean to you? Remember fitness includes strength training, cardio training, balance and flexibility. Let’s talk about your goals!


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