About Me


Nancy is a NASM, Certified Personal Trainer, Women’s Fitness and Nutrition Fitness Specialist. After being overweight for most of her life, she ventured into fitness in her 40’s. Going from beginning exerciser, unable to make it through an aerobic class to teaching the class, and then to personal training.

She knows how difficult the journey to a healthier lifestyle can be without support. She inspires, supports and encourages clients to make changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

Individualized workout plans assists clients in achieving their goals, whether to lose weight, reduce body fat, tone, gain strength and/or increase conditioning. She provides guidance to eat nutritionally-balanced mealt that accelerate clients’ metabolisms and increase their energy level. Working together you will change thinking patterns to avoid self-sabotage to help you stay on track.

Working in partnership with the top brands of high quality vitamins, supplements and healthy home products that will help you reach optimal health and simplify your life with online shopping.

My Journey


While we don’t have the exact same story, I am hoping you can relate to my story and that it helps you in some way.

I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I remember being 10 years old and on a diet. That was also the time of the Presidential Fitness Challenge. I don’t know how many of you remember this, but it was awful. You had to climb a rope, run and do push-ups. The worst part of the whole process is that you had to get weighted in. It wasn’t nice and quiet behind a screen like weight watchers. On top of seeing the scale yourself, they announced it out loud so everyone could hear. I also hated having to climb the rope. I never got very far up, but they kept making you try and try again. Even through high school and early adulthood, my weight impacted me in daily activity.

So, I tried every diet out there; fat-free, cabbage soup, no chewing for 3 weeks, Atkins, etc. Some of them worked for a while, some didn’t move the scale. As I fluctuated in my weight, I continue to carry that inner voice telling me that I was still the chubby child who could not do anything active. That chubby child voice stayed with me even whether I was a size 5/6 or 16/18.

The way we feel and treat ourselves, our inner voice, is shaped in so many ways as we grow up and who we grow up with. Unfortunately, this inner voice can turn us to food for comfort. Or maybe your story is one that food was used as an award or to make you feel better when you got hurt or when you felt sad. Or perhaps you were thin growing up but gained weight after having kids.

What was your journey that got you to the place you are today? You are preparing to take the next step in your life journey. Get excited, you are about to change!

I titled this book ‘Find Your Inner Skinny program’, do I think that you will be bikini skinny in 90 days? No, but that is not what this program is designed to do. Will you lose weight? Yes, if you learn to adapt new eating habits, learn to move more and be consistent.

My hope for you is that you find that you are strong and beautiful, just the way you are. Our goal is to bring your weight into a healthy range and enjoy activities that you could not do before. And you will feel amazing when you find you inner skinny!


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